Edibles: Grow What You Eat

From P-Patch to home orchard, grow your own food. You can start from seed, vegetable starts, herbs, small berry shrubs or fruit trees and grow healthy produce much of the year. 
Track down owner and urban farmer Chuck Flaherty to learn about starting your edible garden and getting the most out of your space. He can advise you on choosing seeds, using vegetable starts, soil prep, fertilizing and other ways to have a productive edilble garden and long harvests of healthy nutrient-rich produce.
Herbs & Vegetable Starts


We offer organic vegetable starts and everything you need, from soil to fertilizer, to grow nutritious organic food.

And if you want to start from seed, we have all the tools. 

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Harvest your very own crop of fresh, delectable berries. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have the luxury of growing many different types of edible berries including familiars types like blueberries to more unusual varieties such as Goji berry.



We carry fruit trees in season, including a selection of hardy citrus trees. We have dwarf and columnar apples which are ideal for smaller yards. And fruiting vines like kiwi, grapes, and hops. 


Edible Gardening Tools and Tips


Home grown fruits and vegetables provide flavorful, nutrient rich produce that can also be an excellent source of the probiotics* you need for a healthy life. Growing your foods without chemical pesticides can increase the levels of these beneficials incorporated into your garden crops. Organic soils, amendments and fertilizers can all help you achieve a bountiful, healthy harvest. 

We stock both Whitney Farms and Gardener & Bloome composts. Plus mulches and potting soil for indoor and outdoor growing. 


Add minerals and nutrients to your soil with both amendments and fertilizers. We carry organic options from EB Stone and Gardener & Bloome.

Ladybugs, nematodes, and beneficial microbes can combat both plant pests and diseases.

Release ladybugs to organically combat an aphid infestation. 

Start plants inside to get a head start on your spring crops. We carry heat mats, grow lights, seed starting soils and the trays or containers to grow plants in.

Beneficial Insects
Seed Starting Equipment

Fruit Trees 2020

Columnar Apples - Golden Sentinel, Scarlet Sentinel

4-way semi-dwarf combo Apple

Espalier combo apple tree

4-way cherry combo

5-way combo plum tree


Asian Pear

European Pear Combo 

Arebequina Olives

Pomegranite Trees