Fruit Trees

We are fortunate to live in an area where we can grow a variety of fruits and can obtain a bountiful harvest each year. Magnolia Garden Center stocks varieties of trees that perform well in our mild maritime climate. We look for plants that provide good yields, are relatively disease-resistant, can fit in a city-sized lot and, of course, taste good!

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Apple Trees

Washington State is known worldwide for its apple crops and while we might not share in the hot summers of Eastern Washington you can successfully grow many types of apples here in the Seattle area. 

One great way to enjoy many apple varieties is to grow combination trees. Several different apple varieties are grafted onto a single trunk allowing you to maximize your city orchard space. We offer both traditional upright standard trees as well as espaliered combination apples.

Preventing Apple Pests

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Fruit Tree Netting Now Available
In Store!

Magnolia Garden Center now has tree netting in stock for the exclusion of the apple tree pests: Codling Moth, Apple Maggots and Brown Marmolated Stick Bug. You will need to install this netting as soon as the flowers have been pollinated to prevent the moths and caterpillars from infesting this year's apples.

Protect Your Blueberries, Raspberries, and Cherries as well


You can also use this netting for the exclusion of the fruit flies (Spotted Wing Drosophila) that can infect small soft fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and cherries. This is a relatively new pest in Western Washington but can quickly infest local plants before the fruit is ready for harvest.

We can give you advice on the use and installation of the netting of your fruit trees, vines and bushes - stop by for a quick consult.

To prevent Apple Codling Moths or Apple Maggots we carry exclusion netting for both trees and bushes to keep these insects from damaging your fruit. Our netting is heavy enough to last many seasons and can be applied even to larger trees with minimal assistance. 

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