Please Note: The Gift Shop is currently not accessible for onsite purchases. Items can be purchased together with plant purchases at

We look forward to seeing everyone in person in the near future! Thanks for your patience!

Gifts Next Door

The Gift Shop at Magnolia Garden Center is a boutique-style store featuring a large variety of greeting cards, eclectic gifts, home accessories, locally-made jewelry, bath and body products, candles, kids and baby gifts, and much more. 

Lafco Candles
Foaming Soaps
Lemon Basil
Soaps & Lotions
L'epi de Provence
Care for Men
Floral Candles and Soaps
Reading & Sun Glasses
Cashmere Scarves
Wind Chimes
Good Hyouman Tops
Paper Napkins
Summer Hats and Bags
Table Decor
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Decor by Michel Design

Find trays, napkins, dishes, candles and soaps from Michel Design for every season from Spring Lilacs to Winter Pinecones and all pretty designs in between. 

From right to left:

Lilac Tray, Pumpkin Souffle Hand Soap, Spruce Oval Dish