We Love the Holidays!

We have some of the most beautiful trees available, from 2' to 10', and they're all grown by a family farm here in Washington. During the holiday season you can find all the greenery you need to decorate your home and all the holiday bling for your tree! 
We Deliver Christmas Trees. Just Call or E-mail Us With Your Specifications and We'll Take Care of the Rest!

Come on in, have a cup of warm spiced cider and we'll help find you just the right tree!

Fresh, Local Trees
We take pride in helping Seattle get the best trees possible from this great tree growing region. 
If you are too busy to come in we will gladly pick out a beautiful tree for you from our quality Noble and Fraser Firs from 3' to 10' and deliver it as well. Just call us or e-mail with your specifications and we will do the rest (except the decorating)! 
Marriage Saver Special
For $5 extra, we will attach a stand to your tree, make sure it is perfectly vertical, and load it on your car! 
Live Trees
We have a number of trees suitable as a live indoor Christmas tree including Japanese Cedars, Silberlock Firs, and Wilma Goldcrest Monterrey Cypress trees. The key to making a successful transition from inside to outside after you're through celebrating the holidays is to limit the time indoors to less than two weeks, and then recondition them to the outdoor temperatures over the course of a few days.
We also have Norfolk Pines to use as Christmas trees which can be kept inside as a house plant after the season ends. They range in size from 1' to 5'.  For a cute mini table top tree we offer dwarf Alberta Spruce trees in 15 to 18" sizes.