Japanese Maples  


We keep a large selection of have Japanese Maples throughout the year. Many are suitable for growing in containers to live on a deck or porch. Most Japanese Maples have appealing, brightly colored new Spring growth and a variety of colors when leafed out all Summer. In Fall, you will have yet another show of changing colors. And if you choose one of the Coral Bark maples, you will have an eye-catching, colorful, trunk and branches in the landscape all Winter as well! 

Japanese Maples Available in 2021 (please call to check for availability):
Acer palmate 'Floating Clouds'

Acer p. 'Ukigumo' may only reach 10’ with a width of 8’. It has a horizontal branching habit which is attractive during the dormant season. The mottled white and green leaves turn pinkish and then red before they are shed for the season.