For a small Seattle nursery, we carry a large variety of plants for all areas of your garden, including your indoor green spaces. From colorful annuals you can change out each season, to large plants suited to the Pacific Northwest climate, to specialty plants like Citrus Trees that require some special care. Let us help you find the right plants for the right places in your living spaces. 

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Find deciduous, evergreen, fruiting, and flowering trees including a variety of Japanese Maples and Citrus Trees


Roses, Blueberries, hedging plants, ground covers, ferns, vines, and beautiful flowering plants can fill your yard, container, or balcony whether you have sun or shade or anything in between! For a more natural looking landscape, and habitat for local wildlife, fill your garden with Native Plants. 

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Find your flowering annuals each month for seasonal color. 

From early spring through fall we have veggie starts for your edible garden and Blueberry and other berry shrubs for your plant borders. Fruit trees include apples, pears, figs, kiwi vines, and quince. 



Indoor gardening not only greens up your spaces, but can purify the air!

We have choices for low light areas as well as ones for direct sun exposure.  

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The Armi App offers tons of information on plants, garden centers, and other veteran garden advice. Magnolia Garden Center are proud to be featured. Partners of the app include the American Horticultural Society and Herb Society of America. Just search 'Armitage' and download the app!