Winter Pottery Sale              On Now!

It's time to take advantage of our winter Pottery Sale. All of our outdoor pottery is now 25% off. This includes the glazed ceramics, the fiberglass and fiberstone containers and also our locally made cedar planter boxes. There is a good selection right now and there will be more arriving in the next couple of days. Hurry in to get the best selection now!

Great Pottery to make great yards, decks and Patios!

You'll find a wonderful selection of inspiring pottery, fiberglass, wood and synthetic containers for your every planting and decorating need. From tiny pots for your tiny houseplants to large containers for your larger plant needs, come see us for a nice assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. If you need something lightweight for your deck, you might want to consider one of our modern fiberglass containers as well.



Many of our ceramic pots are hand made by dedicated craftsmen who spin the pots, detail the shape and then glaze each pot with their chosen colors. These high fired containers are ideal for your outdoor spaces.



Constructed out of various modern elements such as Fiberstone, lightweight pottery allows you to have the durability and beauty of stone or ceramics without the back breaking heft. 



Natural Cedar Planters are great for patios and decks. They have slatted bottoms, feet to lift off surfaces, and are deep enough to plant most anything. Cedar is naturally rot resistant, although they will turn gray unless treated and sealed every year.  



Our colorful indoor pottery for your tropical houseplants, cacti, and succulents. 

Find also containers for your terrarium masterpieces