Roses at Magnolia Garden Center 


Roses are the most widely cultivated plants in gardens and parks, and the plants with the longest horticultural history, since they've been grown in every part of the world for centuries.


Our first stock of roses arrive in early February. Additional roses arrive in spring. Some of our 2019 roses are listed below with pictures and descriptions further down. Call for availability.

Bare Root Roses arrive early February every year. Without the pot and soil, bare root roses are 30% off their potted price. You can examine the root structure to pick out the most vigorous plant. Planting bare root roses result in a well established plant before the blooming season. 

Need help? We are happy to show you how! You'll be amazed at how a little branched "stick" will be producing beautiful roses by the end of May! 

CLIMBING ROSES have long canes that can be trained along fences or walls.
FLORIBUNDA ROSES have a compact habit and medium sized flowers.
GRANDIFLORA ROSES have large flowers borne in clusters usually taller in habit. Individual stems within each cluster are suitable or cutting.
HYBRID TEA ROSES have large flowers, generally one per stem, medium to tall in habit, long cutting stems.
PATIO MINI ROSES have small flowers and foliage, are often very compact in habit. Stems are shorter but still suitable for cutting.
RUGOSA ROSES are species or near-species roses valued for their hardiness, old fashioned flowers and fountainous habits. 
SHRUB ROSE These vary in size but are full and bushy and usually disease resistant and hardy.
All Dressed Up Rose
Angel Face Rose
Blanc Double de Coubert
Bewitched Rose
Coffee Bean Rose
Easy Does It Rose
Ebb Tide Rose
Ebb Tide is a floribunda rose and has "dusky deep purple buds swirl open to very double old-fashioned flowers of velvet plum washed with a haze of sultry smoke." Ebb Tide has a strong spicy, clove fragrance
Electron Rose
Firefighter Rose
Firefighter is a super fragrant, long-stemmed Hybrid Tea Rose. Velvet red blooms make Firefighter the epitome of a classic rose.
Fragrant Plum
Gold Medal Rose
Julia Child Rose
Julia Child is a floribunda rose with a round habit and sweet licorice spice smell.
Livin' Easy Rose
Living Easy is a floribunda rose with apricot orange blooms and fruity fragrance. Disease resistant and a profuse bloomer.
Rock n Roll Rose
Rock n Roll is a grandiflora rose with a pattern of splashed burgundy, red & ivory and as strong rose fragrance.
Sedona Rose
Sugar Moon Rose
Sugar Moon is a hybrid tea rose with a very sweet and strong fragrance. Black green leaves make the blooms pop out.
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