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Bagged Goods for Your Gardens

Potting soil for your containers and raised beds. All our potting soils are organic and can be used for food crops as well as ornamental plantings.

Composts are soil amendments that add different organic compounds and organisms to help your plants achieve their maximum potential by helping create a microenvironment where the roots find the nutrients and benficial organisms they need. Harvest Supreme is our suggestion for the best amendment for your vegetable gardens to achieve maximum yield. We recomment Planting Compost for planting your trees and shrubs. While Soil Building Conditioner is a great additive to enhance your soil and works well for an annual enriching mulch on your gardens and even your lawn.

Any mulch can help your garden by conserving water, cooling the soil under the warm summer sun and protecting the soil from compaction in the wet winter months. Bark works best around woody shrubs and trees.It also acts as a weed preventer by shading seeds and consuming some of the available nitrogen in the surface layer of the soil. Over time the bark breaks down and eventually provide nutrients for the plants growing in the soil. Fir Bark is a natural woody looking bark that works well to supress weeds and protect your soil and plants. Hemlock Bark is slightly darker and a little finer than Fir Bark. Top Coat also can work as a garden mulch. It is a dressier mulch but slightly less effective as a weed suppressor. It works well as a seed cover on your lawns or as an attractive mulch for that fine finished garden bed look.

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