Top 10+ Gifts for Summer


Good hYOUman

Tees and Tops

Our tops from Good hYOUman are "the most comfortable clothes on the planet!" The company strives to do Good by partnering with organizations and individuals who also give back and doing good every day.


Summer Hats &

Maruca Bags

Fashion statement or practical accessories, our sun hats will protect you from UV rays and look great, and our Maruca bags come in many cool fabric designs and styles. Maruca textiles are a Jacquard weave, all woven in USA mills. 


The Perfect Potted

House Plant

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than a perfectly potted indoor plant. From exotic tropicals to low-maintenance succulents, we have just the plant to ensure domestic bliss.  


Hanging Fuchsia Basket

(and others)

With a profusion of colorful blooms and elegant draping stems, nothing beats the bounty of our healthy, hanging fuchsia baskets. Plus these baskets can last through October making you happy all summer long.  


Bird Baths &

Garden Art

Gardens aren’t just for plants. Well-crafted, usable and decorative art always adds a lovely touch. Take a stroll through our garden and see what you’d like to bring home to yours.  We have lovely pieces for all seasons. 


Create Your Own Herb Garden  

If you like to cook, you’ll love your own herb garden. A practical yet “scent-imental” gift, all you need is a planting container, potting soil, and a stroll through our herb section. We have over 30 different varieties in stock and get more each week.


Rose Bush

You can't go wrong. Roses are classic and beautiful. They are fragrant and bloom profusely and throughout the summer. Pick your favorite color or scent or a favorite rose name and add it to the garden.


Rustic Pottery

A beautiful container for outdoor plant displays makes a great gift with our without the plants. The right pot can make a front porch stand out. 


Japanese Maple

From dwarf varieties to 25 footers, our maple trees are perfect specimens. They make a memorable statement in any garden but are especially nice when planted with a special someone in mind.


Local Jewelry

We carry an array of handmade earrings and necklaces from several local artists working with beads, copper, gold and other materials. 


Voluspa Candles

Made with scented coconut wax, Voluspa candles are hand poured into intricately designed containers that add beauty and intriguing fragrance to any room.

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